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Wind analysis and monitoring system for regattas

The SAILING SUPPORT SYSTEM is an integrated wind analysis system specifically designed for regattas. It helps the definition of tactics indicating true wind direction and speed, prevailing wind speed and direction (5-15 min) and vector speed and direction. All data collected are displayed on portable devices through Wi-Fi and GSM and recorded for post regatta analysis.
Data screen

Graphics screen

Application on portable device


- Direction and apparent wind speed
- Direction and speed of the real wind
- Air temperature
- Sensed air temperature
- Barometer pressure
- Relative humidity
- Global Positioning System ( GPS)

Technical features

- Input                                 1 x NMEA 0183 - 1 x I/0
- Output                               Wi-Fi - GPRS  GSM
- Connection                         2 x M12 5 pin
- Power supply                     12/24 V <500mA
- Protection grade                IP65
- Operating temperature       -10 +55 °C
- Environment                      IEC60945
- Dimensions                        122(W) x 120(H) x 55(D)

The integrated system for 3S wind reading and analysis

• Speed up the collection of weather data from the race course
• Simplifies and promotes the definition of tactics
• Record all data locally for a simple and effective post-race consultation
• Allows the coach to concentrate better on his athlete, improving his final performance
• Allows you to have continuously updated weather information
• Wind sensor with ultrasound technology
• Wi-Fi data transmission via any mobile device
• Easy to install on any type of boat

Graphic interface        
      Weather screen

The integrated system for 3S PLUS wind reading and analysis

• Makes it possible to map the race course with wind and current data in real time
• Access to weather forecast powered by Consorzio Lamma
• Access to a database dedicated to storing and analyzing the weather data collected during the regattas

Weather sensor and navigation

Sensor technical features:

Wind speed                        0-78 Knots
Wind direction                    0-360°
Barometer                         300-1100 mBar
Operating temperature      -40 +55 °C
Telebussola                        0-360 °C
Inclinometer                      +- 50°
Output                               NMEA0183 e NMEA2000 (CANBus)
Power supply                     9/40 V
Dimension                         H:131 mm               
Diameter                           72 mm     

Company of SAN GIORGIO S.E.I.N.  group

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