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October 1st-9th 2022

The race will begin at 10:30 a.m. The starting line will be located between Barcola and Miramare; participants will sail for 4.3 nautical miles in the direction of 210 degrees as far as the first buoy. After that, the race will continue for a short stretch of 0.9 miles in the direction of 332 degrees, then for 4 miles back towards Miramare Castle, between buoy 2 and buoy 3. Afterwards, participants will head towards Barcola along the coast for 2.3 miles. The regatta's final stage leading up to the finish line will begin in front of the Vittoria Lighthouse: the boats will sail for 1.5 miles in the direction of 160 degrees as far as the Porto Vecchio Dam, off Piazza Unità d'Italia, which marks the finish line.
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La nautica in gommone a 360°

The feat that sees the navigator Sergio Davì make a solo and unassisted crossing from Sicily to Los Angeles aboard a maxi rib of 11.30 meters.
His challenge is called "Ocean to Ocean Rib Adventure" and involves the crossing from Palermo, Sicily, to Los Angeles (United States) alone and without external assistance. All this aboard an 11.30-meter Nuova Jolly Prince 38 CC dinghy named “Aretusa Explorer”. A long and difficult route that will see him engaged for over 10,000 miles both in the Atlantic and in the Pacific for an estimated time of about 3 months.
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