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100 Miglia Solo e per Tutti

Trofeo Bianchetti

Tracking online da Dom 23 a Lunedì 24 Settembre

Tracking online da Giovedì 13 a Dom 16 Settembre
The regatta was the first of art in the Central Tyrrhenian also designed for solo sailors, open to crews and for two editions, a departure from this edition in the TART Trophy , Riva di Traiano Trophy that will be awarded at the end of five regattas.
The Simone Bianchetti Trophy will start from Ravenna, a double regatta reserved for the Mini 6.50 Class and organized by the "Amici della Vela" Sailing Club of Cervia in collaboration with MARINARA, the Tourist Port of Ravenna, on a route of about 200 miles.

Brindisi Valona

Tracking online  July 5th - 8th

The event, which will start on July 5, has the purpose of enhancing the maritime stages and further strengthen the centuries-old relationship between the two cities, especially following the landing of thousands of Albanians in the port of Brindisi.

Rolex Giraglia



Tracking online  June 9th - 17th

The 66th edition of this event reconfirms the already consolidated program with the only difference of departure and arrival that will be respectively at Sanremo and Genoa

The Sailing College full-time sailing course is increasingly successful. Its peculiarity is the first of all time, in a sporty, safe and comfortable environment.


Cyclops Route

La Cinquecento

Mini - Giraglia
Tracking online  June 15th - 17th
Tracking online  May 27th - June 2nd
Tracking online  May 11th - 13th

Back for the fifth edition, the stage of offshore sailing championship, the Cyclops Route, Vibo Marina-Eolie-Tropea.

The Cinquecento is the most important sailing event in the history of North-Eastern Italy, from Caorle to the Tremiti Islands and back via Sansego organized by the Santa Margherita Sailing Club

As for every year, in the waters of the Island of Capraia, the Mini - Giraglia takes place, a regatta now known and appreciated by sailors from all over the Tyrrhenian sea. The regatta sees the constant presence of numerous boats registered in the sections of the L.N.I. and to many private clubs.

Giannutri per Noi

La Duecento

GPI - Mini 6.50
Tracking online  May 12th - 13th
Tracking online  May 4th - 6th
Tracking online  April 7th - 13th

La Giannutri per Noi è una manifestazione velica nata come corso di completamento nel percorso formativo della navigazione costiera ed è diventata dal 2005 una regata aperta a equipaggi esterni alla scuola diventando in pochi anni una classica per velisti e regatanti.

La regata si snoda lungo uno degli scenari più affascinanti dell’alto Adriatico: partenza da Caorle, passaggio per la boa foranea di Grado, quindi rotta per l’isola di Sansego, sia X2, con due soli skipper, sia XTutti, con equipaggio completo.

Regatta over a distance of 520 nautical miles. At the initial stretch of coastal navigation between Genoa and Porquerolles, it follows the route to the Giraglia, a slalom between the Tuscan Archipelago to Giglio and back to Genoa.

CICO 2018

Arcipelago 650

Soldini -  Hong Kong-Londra
Tracking online  March 22nd - 25th
Tracking online  March 15th -18th

The 2018 Italian Championships of the Federvela Championship saw 174 crews converge on Genoa for a four-day regatta. In competition the ten Olympic classes plus the 2.4 that will regulate for their Guldmann Cup

Early season regatta, the 650 archipelago allows competitors one of the first comparisons with the rest of the fleet. First date, to run in double, to resume the full after the winter stop

The Italian sailor Giovanni Soldini adds another record: The Maserati Multi 70 arrived at the Queen Elizabeth bridge at 13.20 local, beating the previous record by five days

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